Through 1 Trillion Trees Initiatives, we have achieved the following:
1,045,323,045,305 Commited Trees
35,551,269,278 Planted Trees

About Us

Better Globe Forestry Foundation, a non profit tree planting initiative, has taken the first step to encourage organisations, schools, comunities and companies, to plant 1 Trillion trees around the world, in order to clean up the environment. PLEASE HELP US AND COMMITT TO PLANT TREES YOU TOO!



Benefits Of Trees

More than 60% of all forests worldwide have been cut the last 50 years and Forests still deminishes by millions of hectars every year. Trees improve our air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide from the air we breathe. Trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe. ... Many species of wildlife depend on trees for habitat. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals.

Help & Support

If you make a commitment TODAY of planting TREES within a specified period of time and you work towards fullfilling that commitment, mother nature will be grateful.





Our Vison is: “To eradicate Poverty in Africa” and
Our Mission is: “By Social Entrepreneurship plant, as many trees as there are people on this planet, and thereby finance a sustainable implementation of our Vision”. Our mission is also to make Africa a greener, healthier and wealthier place in which to live, by focusing on the development of profitable, commercial tree plantations that will deliver environmental as well as humanitarian benefits. Focus is on the planting of Melia volkensii (mukau) for the tree's high-quality timber, which will be used to produce superior finished products locally.

Better Globe Forestry

You can Make a Huge Difference for Children - Right Now! What can be a better way of showing your beloved ones your appreciaton than donating trees in their name? We give impoverished children fruit and nut tree seedlings, and teach them how to plant and nurture the donated trees around their schools. After few years, the children can harvest the goodies from the trees and get a great supplement of nutritions and needed energy. With a healthier life, they can improve their learning capabilities and focus on their studies, and not to forget their new gained understandings of the importance of taking care of the nature.

Please choose below who you will show your appreciation for by donating trees in their name. You receive a beautiful certificate with different text option you can print and give away. You can of course also buy trees in your own name and hang the certificate on your wall.